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At Transworld Consulting we help firms to translate and localize their content for African markets and consumers.

For many companies Africa represent a massive localisation challenge, where a vast array of languages are spoken in many different dialects over a number of geographical boundaries/p>

Language and Cultural understanding

Working with mother tongue African language specialists, we ensure that your message is conveyed effectively and efficiently into the target language.

Our African language translation teams not only have an understanding of language but also of the the culture that the translation will be used in. Aspects such as cultural idioms and values are taken into consideration and make sure that once translated your message is not just recognised but understood.

Some of the African languages we work with includes:

  • Afrikaans 
  • Akan 
  • Amharic 
  • Bambara 
  • Berber 
  • Chewa 
  • Emakhuwa 
  • Ewe 
  • Hausa 
  • Igbo
  • Kiganda 
  • Kinyarwanda 
  • Kirundi 
  • Krio 
  • Maasai
  • Oshiwambo 
  • Shona 
  • Swahili 
  • Tigrinya 
  • Twi 
  • Xhosa 
  • Yoruba 

We have dedicated African language teams ready to make a start on your project. For more information or to send us your project details, contact us now.

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