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Market Research Translation Services

Transworld Consulting - High quality Market Research Translation Services

Transworld Consulting can help market research agencies and practitioners provide a global service to their customers by supplying multilingual translations of research questionnaires and findings.

Providing a very much personalised service, at TWC we can work closely with your business and become part of your project team throughout your market research assignment. We offer support and project management around the clock and our goal is to make sure your projects are completed successfully. During the initial stage of your market research project you will be assigned your own individual project manager who will be on hand to help with the translation process. Our project managers have access to over 3000 expert translators and will make sure only those with the most relevant experience work on your assignment.

Regardless of the form your market research project takes, we can undertake the translation for you in your desired languages and in the required format. And if you require the results or your questions translated we have the skills and expertise to meet your needs.

As keen marketers ourselves we understand the importance of market research and recognise the importance of the work our clients provide to their customers and to business as a whole. For more information on our market research translation services contact us now.

Examples of the type of market research projects with which we have been involved include:

  • Translation of customer satisfaction surveys (both online and offline)
  • Translation of the results of customer interviews
  • The translation of initial desk-based research into multiple languages
  • Telephone interviewing of a specific sample
  • International brand name checking
  • Translation of research transcriptions

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