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Transworld Consulting provides International brand localisation and validation services

At Transworld Consulting we make sure that that your brand message is congruent with the culture of the desired market. As the process of reaching a global market is made easier by more diverse distribution channels, the possibility of communicating with clients outside your usual geographical boundaries increases.

To make sure your message is understood, TWC offers a broad range of multilingual brand localisation services, from simple brand name validation, where we can check for any negative connotations, through to more complex cultural research, where focus groups comprising of native speakers are used to assess your branding and its cultural impact.

Companies who use this service see brand name validation as a way of safeguarding their branding message.

Many companies have been caught out in the past by not investing enough prior to launching their brand globally, only to be left with a brand message that doesn't work globally, or worse, causes massive offence to their desired market.

So if you are looking to launch your brand into new markets and want some guidance on the cultural context of your message, we have the expertise and skill to take your brand global.

Because of the wealth of experience we have, we can offer a wide spectrum of brand name localisation services, including the following:

  • Brand name validation
  • International brand consultation
  • Global market research services
  • Multilingual branding

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