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Over 100 languages covering many sectors and industries.

Translation Services

With a passion for communication, global cultures and the noble art of international trade, we are the perfect translation services partner for any business who needs to communicate in another language.

Content is king

Each year we translate hundreds of thousands of words for our customers into and out of over 100 language combinations. From technical texts and financial reports through to sales and marketing content and video scripts, we offer translation, proofreading, editing, back translation services, certified translation services and transcreation services.

We understand how important content is to our clients business. For some of the businesses we work with it can be critical to achieving and maintaining compliance for the products and services they export. For others it's part of their marketing arsenal used to expand their service offering across geographical borders. Whatever the purpose of the content is, you can be sure that your translation will be undertaken by a mother tongue domain specific translator, skilled not only in language but also in the subject matter they are working on - namely your content.

Understanding the source and understanding the cultural codes

For us, providing translation services goes beyond simply going from source text to target text - replacing ‘a’ with ‘b’. We feel that as a quality provider of translation services a supplementary understanding of the translation task should be understood, such as what the objectives are the source text is looking to achieve (inform, persuade, sell etc) and what cultural aspects that are common to the target readers are there that will have an impact on the target translation. Integrating the answers to these question into our translations is in essence how we provide our language service offering.

We’re 100% human translators...but why not just use a machine?

It's a question we get asked frequently - why not just use google translate (or similar).

Within our industry (the language service industry) and throughout the business world, machine learning and machine automation is very much a hot topic. Technology and innovation are changing the way we work and we feel we need to get an good understanding of these changes in order to continually grow and develop our service offering and also be in a position to provide the very best services to our clients.

After considerable research into the field and tests using various platforms, our feeling is that although the capability of machine translation has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, it isn’t quite ready for commercial use for our client base...yet.

Some translation agencies have started to integrate machine translation into their service offering - usually combining it with a post human translation review (so machine first and then human review second). The idea here being that it saves money - the initial cost of machine translation being cheaper than a human translation. To us, this is a false economy as we found in our tests that the human translator can often spend longer correcting and changing the output of the machine translation, and the end result is you end up paying double for the amount of proof-reading time. Additionally machine translation does not work for some languages, African and Asian for example where the learning pool of existing translations just hasn’t been developed.

So in answer to the question - why not use a machine translation, our answer is that if you want the target text (the translation) to match the flow, style of the source and you want it to meet the objectives of the source, the only way to currently do that is by using a professional human mother tongue translator.

Ultimately google, who are arguably one of the pioneers of free machine translations still use the services of professional human translators rather than rely on their own machine translations.

Our Post Translation Services

Proofreading translated content

Careful revision of tone and content coherence is at the heart of our proofreading service all carried out by independent, mother tongue linguists. Our proofreading service is not only to check for any spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation errors but also includes the analysis of content, organisation, coherence, tone, and style of text using the text in the source files to ensure a thorough review is completed.

Our proofreaders are briefed in exactly the same way as the original translator so that they understand what the final text is to be used for.

Back translation services

As part of our broad range of high quality and effective translation services, we are happy to offer our clients a full back translation service. This method of translation can help validate translation work and gain a greater understanding of the quality of any given translation. Using a back translation service to translate text back into its original written language ensures that the quality of the translation service meets your requirements and that there has been no mistranslation, missing text or other translation errors.

We are happy to back translate documents that have been originated by alternative suppliers as well as documents our own translators have produced. Typical examples of back translation include:

  • Certified back translations of legal documents
  • Back translation of theatre scripts
  • Validation back translation of market research surveys
  • Back translation of medical documents

Editing Services

Editing is a service provided by Transworld Consulting and is used to check and resolve problems with previously translated material.

Whether you want to double check your translated text or you are not happy with the original translation, we have the expertise available to review your documentation. We can take new ideas or considerations (such as a new target market) and edit the text to adapt to a particular local market.

We will conduct a thorough review of the documentation for accuracy, style, punctuation, potential cultural problems, consistency, grammar, etc.

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