translation vs transcreatiomn

Working With Translators Without Borders

Read about the fantastic work Translators without Borders do in provding not for profit translation services.

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using prince2 to manage translation projects

Using PRINCE2 to project manage Localisation & translation projects

When applied correctly PRINCE2 can really help guide translation production projects and enable the delivery of quality work under tight constraints (time, budget etc).

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international brand names checking

Designing Localisation Research Surveys

Question: What have an engineering firms new strapline, a name for a cooking sauce and a company name for an IT consultancy all got in common? Answer: They have all benefited from a global brand name checking service.

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infographic tub maps languages

INFOGRAPHIC: Language: What is spoken where?

Every wondered what language is spoken in which country? This delightful infographic should help you navigate around the language landscape.

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father Christmas in different cultures


Question: You have millions of gifts to distribute, a very limited timeframe, over 24,000 miles to traverse, and 195 countries to visit – how do you fit it all in? Answer: You outsource your labour and localise your service.

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