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We help companies working in the chemical industry communicate effectively in more than 100 language combinations - helping drive their export business and increasing their bottom line.

Working with domain specific mother tongue translators, we translate material safety data sheets, production specifications, technical and training manuals, deviation reports, toxicology reports and other texts and documentation used within the chemical production industry.

Ensuring compliance in your industry

For our clients working within the chemical industry, we understand that much of the content that needs to be translated is required for industry compliance. All our translators who work for our chemical clients are mother tongue linguists who in addition to having at least one language qualification, will also have experience within the chemical industry. Typically this will include laboratory experience as well as hands-on experience of the source and translated text.

We provide proofreading by a second mother tongue as standard. By doing so we ensure that at least two qualified eyes have reviewed and approved the translation prior to delivery of the completed work.

In addition to skilled language professionals, we also have a fully scalable in-house production studio meaning that we can provide layout and dtp services. We make sure the highest quality of work is delivered and the look of the target text closely matches that of the source.

Saving chemical firms money and time to market.

If you are looking for a translation partner, we will be able to save you money by only charging for new text segments and not charging for text that is repeated in your documentation.
Because of the nature of much of the content that we translate for our clients working in the chemical industry, there is often a considerable amount of text repetition. It's not unusual for example for a safety data sheet to contain around 70% of repeated/duplicated text.

By creating and managing a translation memory (unique to your, your document type and language), we can leverage existing and approved translations, ensuring we only translate the new and unique text - saving you both on translation costs and also the time needed to process the work. Ultimately this will save you time to market and time to export your chemical products to your global clients.

For many of our chemical clients, exporting makes up for over three quarters of their business. Having accurate, high quality translations produced by linguists who understand the chemical industry is therefore hugely important to their business. If you are a chemical firm looking for a language translation partner, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call one of the translation team on +44 (0)117 214 17605 or contact via our webform.

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